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Specialist Sealant Applicators

We are Specialist Sealant Applicators first and foremost, utilising rope access techniques and working at heights to safely access any job.

StrucTural Sealing and Structural Bonding


”  People constantly raise the question about structural silicone glazing, ‘How long is it going to last? What we tell them is this:
We have experience with structural silicone on buildings going back over 25 years. The failures we’ve seen have been attributed to poor workmanship. These failures usually occur shortly after installation and are not attributed to the silicone itself.  “
"We know of no non-workmanship attributed failures. We know of no long-term failures"
Gordon H. Smith, P.E.
Gordon H. Smith Corporation

RAI SG Solutions Quality Commitment

The above statement holds true for RAI SG Solutions.   Managing director, Martin Fisk, with 30+ years of experience as a specialist sealant applicator, places his emphasis on correct joint design, surface preparation, and correct method of application. To this end the above statement stands true to all sealant application works carried out by RAI SG Solutions.

Atria and roof glazing
Atria and Roof glazing
Atria and roof glazing - Perth, Western Australia
Glass installation and structural sealant
specialist sealant applicators
Arquitectural Glazing