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Facade Maintenance

Our tradesmen have extensive experience in the installation and repair of a variety of building envelopes and glazing systems.  Identifying and fixing the cause of maintenance issues enables us to effect a permanent solution, preventing costly ongoing repairs, disruption and potential downstream costs.
  • Glazing refurbishment. 
  • Window and Door repairs.
  • Facade and window leak testing to AS/NZS 4284:2008 testing of building facades.
  • Concrete repairs (spalling / concrete rot)
  • Aluminium panel installation and repair
Rope Access facadef inspection

Glazing Refurbishment

RAI has worked with numerous glazing systems over the duration of our 28 years in the industry. When these systems fail there are various contributing factors i.e. Poor installation practices at the time of construction, bad weather and old/worn out components within the system.
RAI can offer a variety of glazing refurbishment and maintenance services to ensure your glazing system remains in the best condition and function as per manufacturer’s specification.
Some of our refurbishment projects include the cleaning and replacement of all fixtures and fittings such as pressure plates, gaskets and sealant, through to a full-scale glazing system replacement, which involves upgrading the whole glazing system to deliver the most efficient solution for your application.  Whether this is increasing the performance of the system or simply ensuring the system is best suited for the job at hand.
We have expert collaborators that are on hand to give the best possible advice for the glazing systems to be worked on, we also work closely with manufacturers and suppliers to offer bespoke remedial solutions to all aspects of the fenestration industry.
Atria roof installation, repairs and maintenance (5)

Atria and Roof Glazing

Many modern buildings have glazed structures which need specialist access arrangements.  We can use our qualified rope access glazier/ installers or design bespoke scaffold solutions to access any roof system.  RAI Management have many years of curtain wall / glazing experience and can identify and source replacement parts for all types of roof glazing systems.  If the glazing system is obsolete we endeavor to find the nearest fit aesthetically and functionally.

Rope Access construction services
facade maintenance
Alpolic panel refurbishment
Rope access facade inspections
Rope Access facade inspection
glazing system inspection and refurbishment