RAI SG Solutions


RAI SG Solutions Pty Ltd Health & Safety Policy


It is in the best interest of our customers and employees that we strive to protect the Health and Safety of our employees and any other persons who may at any time be affected by our activities; and that we conduct our operations in a manner that provides optimum protection to the Environment while complying with applicable standards and regulatory requirements.
RAI SG Solutions Pty Ltd:
-Believes all accidents are preventable and will strive to this end at every stage of its operations.
-Is committed to operating the business in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 (WA) and all applicable regulations made under the Act, ‘so far as reasonably practicable’.
-Considers first the health and safety of its employees, contractors, and any third parties who may be affected by our activities.
-Ensures that HSE matters have equal status with all other primary business objectives as poor HSE management is seen as being detrimental to our business.
RAI SG Health and Safety Policy:
The HS policy is applicable to all employees, subcontractors, suppliers and any third parties involved in RAI SG Solutions operations. Compliance with the HS Policy is a condition of employment.
An HS Management System will be in place in each company location. Managers and team leaders are to assist in the development, implementation and monitoring of this system and encourage cooperation from all employees on HS issues to ensure the success of the HS Management System
Health and Safety is a management responsibility. Managers and supervisors are expected to show full commitment to HS and will rank it equally with responsibilities for production, sales, costs, and similar matters. HS performance is included in the appraisal process.
The Company will provide training and all necessary resources to all employees to allow everybody to perform to his/her full potential and in a HS -conducive manner.
Risk management is seen as the cornerstone of any HS management system. Hazards will be identified prior to work starting through a systematic risk assessment procedure. If any activity is judged to present an unacceptable risk, the risk must first be controlled and reduced to As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) before work is undertaken.
HS relies upon a continuous improvement process in which employee participation is required, encouraged and recognized. In particular, if witnessing an unsafe act or hazard, every employee is expected to rectify the situation, report accordingly or, if appropriate, stop the operation.
Our focus shall be on prevention rather than correction, with the aim of doing the right thing right the first time through effective teamwork.
The Company HSEpolicy is built on a “No blame” culture, as we are more concerned with recognizing and minimizing non-conformance than we are with looking for someone to blame.
Effective control mechanisms, including audits and reviews are established to allow objective evaluations of the adequacy of the Company Management Systems and of their implementation throughout all RAI SG Solutions operations.
The Directors of RAI SG Solutions will carry the ultimate responsibility for the Company’s commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment. Each employee is expected to be equally committed and to be dedicated to the continuous improvement of HS performance.